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LiteFit Health Tribe

Online Support Community filled with like-minded individuals to help provide accountability along the way.

LiteFit Health Tribe

A Community of Like-Minded individuals to Help You Along Your Journey. 

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LiteFit Coaches

Kim S.

Founder of LiteFit Health, Mom of 5 and Wellness Coach.

Laura E.

Beautiful Soul Dedicated to Helping Others as a Fitness Instructor.  Proud mom of a gorgeous little girl. 

Sarah T.

Sarah is very passionate about helping others as a LiteFit Wellness Coach & Fitness Coach, and loves creating new recipes! She has her BS in Human Nutrition & Community Health. Happily married and proud boy mom!


Stephanie is a teacher who has been on a journey over the last few years to prioritize her overall health and wellness. She went from being a girl who never worked out to having a passion for fitness. Stephanie hopes to empower, inspire, and motivate others in her role as a LiteFIT Fitness Instructor.


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